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Barneys sells them as well. http://www.barneys.com/Barneys/BARNE...%20%26%20Jones
who sells EG in Calgary?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I personally don't like one button coats but I don't think this is true. There is nothing inherently bad about that combo. What is it about 1-button coats that you don't like? Is it just a personal preference or is there something that to your eye that just doesn't work? I have one (peak lapel) and I quite like it and would go for more I think in the future in either peak or notch.
I was just about to say John Partridge. That is if you are looking for a waxed versus wool reefer. I have this one and quite like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee I think that would be right. I wear a 11.5 UK on the country lasts, and a 12 UK in their city lasts. Thanks bbhewee. Which city last shoes do you have?
Great thread and my Stows were ordered based on the consensus that they fit TTS and sure enough 8UK/9US (fitting 5) were bang on to my great relief given that they were ordered without being able to try them on in person. But I am still confused over the conversion for non-country lasts such as the 2161 (Lambourn). The factory, Richard at Shoe Healer and some SF threads suggest an 8.5UK/9US (fitting 5) conversion for non-country lasts and sizing down a half size for...
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl My guess is ankle hugging white kiton jeans with a houndstooth man skirts, no socks and driving shoes. Don't forget the Ferrari jacket
EG Galways. Dark Oak
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan A possibility. Brands? http://www.mountainhorse.se/index.php A variety of styles with waterproof membranes and insulation for horse folks. You may find something functional with some style http://www.danner.com/category/boots.do Functional, bulletproof though not stylish in a country gentleman kind of way
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Am I still the only non-Jew posting in this thread? - B My parents were Roma.
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