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Similar experience here. According to the Brannock and the people operating it I always cone out at 8.5 D with my left foot slightly bigger than the right. However, based on my subjective sense of comfort I have rarely found a US 8.5 or equivalent to fit. AE 9D in all lasts that I have tried EG 82 last 8.5/9E JL 8E Vass U last 42.5 Vass F last 42 Barker Black 8E RM Williams 8 St. Crispin's 8.5F UK equivalent (can't remember the Euro size; 42 I think). There are no...
^ +1 for Epaulet. Check out the site and see the pants being worn and decide if they manifest in premature aging.
I have yet to experience any of the major errors others have reported. To date, I have had three odd jackets, seven suits and twenty-one shirts made. "Quality" bespoke tailoring in Canada is almost non-existent. I could travel to America where the options are greater but at this point I do not have the time nor inclination to do so. So, from a rational viewpoint I decided to take a chance with Hiras and will continue to work with them. Developing a relationship with...
Nice sport coat. I wanted this when it was first listed and wondered who got in ahead of me. Good luck with the sale.
I recently commissioned Hiras to do two sportcoats just to see what the end result would be and i was pleasantly surprised. They even threw in two shirts as part of the price on my asking. Local MTM is limited (Coppley, which is good but no options for full canvas construction) and bespoke is non-existent. I could travel but having the service come to me is a nice option to have. Peter Chettiar was the fitter. He was very personable and I enjoyed working with him. As...
If you are a size 9 US I wouldn't worry about the impact of a "longer last". They won't look clownish. Get them. If they don't work for you, I'll buy them.
http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=53633 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=137824 http://the-last-shall-be-first.blogs...label/Breanish
Heritage Research, nonnative & White Mountaineering are several of many companies like Cabourn re-interpreting the past. They all have done interesting pieces. F/W 2010 was more like what you are looking for (maybe) as compared to Spring/Summer 2011. Interesting looks and fabrics. I've liked the products I've bought from all of the above but I just don't know if they will have the bulletproof quality of say Filson to function for 20 years. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by dallasdandy Any ideas how the 42.5 would equate to US sizes. I.m usually a narrow 9.5 or 10 u last 42.5 = 9 us
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