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Careful lest you be labelled a dead horse beater! In all seriousness, this continues to swirl simply because of the lack of precise answers that anyone with a modicum of critical evaluation expects. If many of us are characterized as being harsh and continuing to push it is for this reason. Many were customers and purchased more than a solitary tie that we are thrilled to have acquired and will wear proudly secure in the knowledge that we have something created for us....
A thought occurred to me. Throughout this whole debate, and Gianni's acknowledgement that 10% of his prints are recreations - although he has not formally stated the are inkjet prints - we have not seen any postings of said recreations that have been clearly described as such. Not from Gianni nor from any customers. Now, he has stated that he clearly identifies which are vintage and which are not. Given that he sends large files containing pictures of his fabrics to all...
I don't have any first hand experience but I have heard very good things from members who do have his ties.
Indeed, Harold, indeed
Came across this site which has partnered with Antonio Muro to produce small runs of vintage fabric ties. http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/2013/03/26/shop-antonio-muro-ties-from-vintage-silks/ But the last paragraph on the site is interesting: "Unlike more known tiemakers from Naples (I shall not mention names), the Antonio Muro family makes all ties itself. There is a transparent relation between name and a product." Lack of transparency is what brings us here now...
anyone of the same mind that the custom initials on PC ties are inelegant and detract from the overall presentation of the ties? Case in point: then the different fabric for the blades, kind of questionable from an esthetic point of view: oh, then the stained vintage thirst finally, this little flub
Yes, OP what size suit fits your chest & shoulders & what is your drop. Those numbers may allow people to make suggestions
So if it resembles an Adamley print stroke for strike, as you say, it is most likely from them or whoever owns the archive
Thanks for that T4. The reference to the "feel test" was in response to someone who posted in the other thread that you could tell the difference between inkjet & screen print just by feel. I am dubious of that given if you start with high quality silk, and whether it is vintage or not, what difference can be felt?
So, if Mr. Cappelli, Mr. Maresco, C&A's tailor and anyone else who is referenced are to be believed, that will only occur if they register on SF and post. If they did, I would expect the next post after theirs would be one calling them socks. As I have stated, I have a dozen PC ties. Nice fabric, some with excellent construction others with issues. I don't consider myself to have been scammed . However, from a customer service perspective I have issues with the rolling...
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