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Yes, OP what size suit fits your chest & shoulders & what is your drop. Those numbers may allow people to make suggestions
So if it resembles an Adamley print stroke for strike, as you say, it is most likely from them or whoever owns the archive
Thanks for that T4. The reference to the "feel test" was in response to someone who posted in the other thread that you could tell the difference between inkjet & screen print just by feel. I am dubious of that given if you start with high quality silk, and whether it is vintage or not, what difference can be felt?
So, if Mr. Cappelli, Mr. Maresco, C&A's tailor and anyone else who is referenced are to be believed, that will only occur if they register on SF and post. If they did, I would expect the next post after theirs would be one calling them socks. As I have stated, I have a dozen PC ties. Nice fabric, some with excellent construction others with issues. I don't consider myself to have been scammed . However, from a customer service perspective I have issues with the rolling...
My guess is that someone is working on it
Hey Fok, criminal allegations aside, is the seemingly rolling target of what is vintage or not fair game? How about discussing customer service & quality of fabrication in the context of the interwebz proclamations of PC being the new world standard in bespoke neckwear? Thanks, G
Phew, for a second there I thought you were suggesting that tag should be permanently removed!
Nice. A nice testament to your knife and your whittlin' skills
This has the making of a great thread. Here are my EDC's. The Hawksbill is what is on my belt when I am not in the office. The other is my "suit knife"
Allen Smithee seemed sock-like and seemed to have an agenda. But C&A's long argument of alleged facts was interesting and included conversations with Cappelli and others in the know that at least causes one to pause and say "hmm, maybe there is something to this story after all". Not sure what transpired after that to pull the thread and ban Smithee but not C&A.
New Posts  All Forums: