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Maybe the picture is the "what you should not do when choosing a blazer/sportcoat/odd jacket/strangy inappropriate outfit when posting in MC" part of his treatise
No, nothing out there at all: http://www.styleforum.net/t/245858/shoulder-expression Use the search function for more
Well, C&A can confirm. See the post below here. But since the fabric originally came from Cappelli, maybe it is a cashmere/wool mix
It is cashmere
Get it while you can!
Return the suit. Read the forum. Buy appropriate suit. Do not buy a wool/poly blend. Read SF particularly this as a first step: http://www.styleforum.net/a/what-kind-of-suit-should-i-buy
Well put. I think too it is important to point out that C&A was an early adopter of PC ties and unlike almost all others here actually has dealt with Gianni in person. So his recollection that Gianni spoke almost exclusively about vintage fabrics is key. Only later does it come out that there may be reproductions. So the "truth" has moved from 100% vintage silks to 99.9 to 90/10 to 80/20 to whatever the real answer is. The age of the silks were first described as 30, 40,...
Fair enough.Vintage is a far more imprecise term as compared to antique. There seems to be some consistency in references to not being less than 20 years old.
Careful lest you be labelled a dead horse beater! In all seriousness, this continues to swirl simply because of the lack of precise answers that anyone with a modicum of critical evaluation expects. If many of us are characterized as being harsh and continuing to push it is for this reason. Many were customers and purchased more than a solitary tie that we are thrilled to have acquired and will wear proudly secure in the knowledge that we have something created for us....
A thought occurred to me. Throughout this whole debate, and Gianni's acknowledgement that 10% of his prints are recreations - although he has not formally stated the are inkjet prints - we have not seen any postings of said recreations that have been clearly described as such. Not from Gianni nor from any customers. Now, he has stated that he clearly identifies which are vintage and which are not. Given that he sends large files containing pictures of his fabrics to all...
New Posts  All Forums: