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Jesper, any thought on what needs to be done to refine your Kielman last? That's assuming you will commission another pair? Did you do your own measurements or did you have another person measure you?
Try it to appreciate the difference. Any shoe made on a last that is specific to your feet will still fit better even if you have average feet. Of course the fit still has to be tweaked over time. Even an existing last that is modified to your measurements is going to be better than RTW.
Yes it seems that neckties have become a dangerous game
Ah, Sir Cleav, those read like the thoughts of a sane man. My fears have vanished.Funny though, that link, at least when I click it, goes to a Prada sample sales thread from eons ago.
Methinks you are there already, sir
I'd be in for some madder.
Shocking, I say, shocking
Yes. Shocking is quit appropriate for all that has transpired.
^ thanks. I hope your problem is eventually resolved.
The fact that Gianni has not attempted any damage control save for the one lone post, which had little detail is puzzling. The fact that he has not reached out to people who are disillusioned, who received faulty ties or who have expressed concern over his customer service is even more troubling. What are people left to think about this head in the sand approach. The correct think to do is meet this head on. Contact the people who are involved rather than leaving it to...
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