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Way to soft sell it
Thank you, Sir
Thanks, I will!
The L 24 is the typical weight that most RTW garments are made from (single Ventile). I have an older Maharishi - yes Maharishi - shooting jacket in L19 and I had a parka made in it too and much prefer it over the L 24. It is a bit heavier and more bombproof but still would be suitable for a trench or mac. Problem is L 19 has fewer colours available so I don't know if the stone or cinnamon is available in it.
I believe you can buy directly from them; they have a contact form on the website. In the U.S., Wiggy's sells Ventile directly but he has a limited selection of colours. I have purchased from him before. Just call him and he usually answers the phone.http://www.wiggys.com
F last balmoral in oxblood calf & F last austerity brogue derby in black calf. [[SPOILER]]
How about Ventile? It is cotton and very weatherproof. It can be purchased directly from the factory. It comes in a variety of weights and colours. It is all but waterproof when its in double form. Only drawback is that it is difficult to hand sew. It also requires a specific thread and double lapped seams. But, it will last forever, is relatively light, breathes and is also windproof.
PM him and see what happens
What widths and lengths are available?
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