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Older model or MTO?
Indeed. But some trees is better than no trees
Yes, although they are the standard Vass hinged, lasted trees. I wanted the three piece trees but Mr. Berta, from whom Vass gets their trees, is having production issues.
Way to soft sell it
Thank you, Sir
Thanks, I will!
The L 24 is the typical weight that most RTW garments are made from (single Ventile). I have an older Maharishi - yes Maharishi - shooting jacket in L19 and I had a parka made in it too and much prefer it over the L 24. It is a bit heavier and more bombproof but still would be suitable for a trench or mac. Problem is L 19 has fewer colours available so I don't know if the stone or cinnamon is available in it.
I believe you can buy directly from them; they have a contact form on the website. In the U.S., Wiggy's sells Ventile directly but he has a limited selection of colours. I have purchased from him before. Just call him and he usually answers the phone.http://www.wiggys.com
F last balmoral in oxblood calf & F last austerity brogue derby in black calf. [[SPOILER]]
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