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Great looking boots! Does it have 270 or 360 goyser? 270 degree
An interesting and timely question. I recently posted a pair of Vass boots and the balmorals came with a HAF sole. But, I did not ask for the HAF sole yet Vass did it almost by reflex. It seems to me that this sole treatment, at least with Vass has been influenced by SF orders over time. Not that this type of sole is unknown in nature, but I don't think the HAF sole is part of the AH shoemaking DNA. There are various posts here and elsewhere showing examples of Vass...
Older model or MTO?
Indeed. But some trees is better than no trees
Yes, although they are the standard Vass hinged, lasted trees. I wanted the three piece trees but Mr. Berta, from whom Vass gets their trees, is having production issues.
Way to soft sell it
Thank you, Sir
Thanks, I will!
The L 24 is the typical weight that most RTW garments are made from (single Ventile). I have an older Maharishi - yes Maharishi - shooting jacket in L19 and I had a parka made in it too and much prefer it over the L 24. It is a bit heavier and more bombproof but still would be suitable for a trench or mac. Problem is L 19 has fewer colours available so I don't know if the stone or cinnamon is available in it.
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