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Then why bother asking if they are any good? By your reckoning, as long as they fit they look expensive. So, try one on and if it fits you'll look like a million bucks.
Damn straight! Can just look the part gotta act the part
I figured the AFPOS MTO would have forced patience upon you
That's the problems with dreams.
I'm pretty sure Spoo's use of U indicates that they are not on the K last
I had considered snarking but I had already done so in the other dumb posts you referred to and i guess i was feeling weak. But you have restored my resolve and now I am off to answer posts with vigour.Regards
Wow, I am glad I live in a land o'winter for 5 months a year and am covered up by overcoats and parkas except when I go outside for a smoke. Surely the sun's rays are less strong from October to March to cause any damage in 4 minute intervals. I take my holidays in the hottest months so I'm thinking my suits will live forever.
Most jackets are sized for your chest measurement. US and UK are sized in imperial measurements so an 38 is created to fit -generally - a 38 inch chest. European sizing is different. A 48 euro is a 38 US. Now, different makers have different chest tolerances meaning that the actual chest measurement of the garment may vary for the same size. So a size 38 may have an actual chest measurement of 40 to 44 inches, sometimes more. Some slim fit suits may even have an actual...
You should really post this in the Meermin thread. People would be happy to learn of your experiences. Your post might be lost in this one as I don't see it developing much more.
Welcome to the forum. You really should have used the search function prior to posting. As you see above, Kev777 has provided you with a thread that deals with with this brand that you are asking about. In fact, there are 3100+ posts answering seemingly any question you would have. Rather popular and I am at a loss how you missed it if you had not even used the search function but merely glanced at the first page of the MC section. But, you can now dive in and fill your...
New Posts  All Forums: