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The Dover is a great shoe or the Nevis for a boot (prefer it over the Halifax). Is there anyway to get info from EG regarding designs from the archives that are not generally seen anymore. I think if I had the choice I'd do the Olney. Something about that boot just resonates with me every time I see it. At any rate, have fun nailing down a model.
No worries. Did you buy it?
It would be nice to have all things tie related in one place. Except for the soporific thread there is no real place to post unless you start your own thread or find an established one like this. Ties certainly do not have the same kind of go to threads like footwear does.
Here ya go:
check out the grenadines
Maison Martin Margiela. The 10 refers to the particular model line. That is the complete label.
Love those herringbones!
Absolutely, looking forward to it.
Appreciate the high praise from one of the top purveyors of tie p0rn around
New arrivals from Gianni Cerutti at Passaggio Cravatte. As with the previous posters I am floored by the final product. Gianni is amazing to work with and has a seemingly endless supply of unique vintage and modern fabrics. He is an artisan truly dedicated to traditional methods of bespoke tie fabrication. Fabric selection was done via email with high resolution photo files. He works collaboratively with you to decide on construction based on your preferences and the...
New Posts  All Forums: