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Shop the finest has suede Sutor's at around the $200 mark if you like the colours and styles
Not that rare if you study the threads on this forum.
Why don't you think you can pull it off. It is on the casual side but so what? Are you worried about the metal buttons? If so that is an easy and inexpensive fix.
Have you tried them out? I have been wearing my Vass double soles with their version of a Topy in Saskatoon where snow clearing sucks. On soft and hard packed snow they work quite well. Nothing works on ice. I think it has to do with the softness of the rubber. I have also been wearing a pair of boots with Carmina's version of Dainite and they also work better than I expected.
Depending on your size I'm willing to sell you my Brioni, Castangia, Partenopea, RLPL, Isaia, RLBL
The Dover is a great shoe or the Nevis for a boot (prefer it over the Halifax). Is there anyway to get info from EG regarding designs from the archives that are not generally seen anymore. I think if I had the choice I'd do the Olney. Something about that boot just resonates with me every time I see it. At any rate, have fun nailing down a model.
No worries. Did you buy it?
It would be nice to have all things tie related in one place. Except for the soporific thread there is no real place to post unless you start your own thread or find an established one like this. Ties certainly do not have the same kind of go to threads like footwear does.
Here ya go:
check out the grenadines
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