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Welcome to SF. Is it charcoal or is it black? Secondly, is it a solid colour? Finally, what kind of texture does it have; is it a smooth worsted texture like a suit jacket? You may not find a lot of love here for an almost black odd jacket that resembles a suit jacket. Pictures would help.
Good for you. I was going to suggest Puma or converse or some of the repro old school shoe from similar brands but it seemed like you were looking for something more upscale.
Good tip. Always look for those snowy bits and never cut on your inside foot.
Well, as I said I was impressed with the traction of the Vass Topy so hopefully you'll be OK. I'm pissed though that you don't have any snow!
^ this
Shop the finest has suede Sutor's at around the $200 mark if you like the colours and styles http://www.shopthefinest.com/nsearch.aspx?Category=Shoes&refine=y&Type=Sport&Material=Suede&page=1
Not that rare if you study the threads on this forum.
Why don't you think you can pull it off. It is on the casual side but so what? Are you worried about the metal buttons? If so that is an easy and inexpensive fix.
Have you tried them out? I have been wearing my Vass double soles with their version of a Topy in Saskatoon where snow clearing sucks. On soft and hard packed snow they work quite well. Nothing works on ice. I think it has to do with the softness of the rubber. I have also been wearing a pair of boots with Carmina's version of Dainite and they also work better than I expected.
Depending on your size I'm willing to sell you my Brioni, Castangia, Partenopea, RLPL, Isaia, RLBL
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