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Wear the suit. Don't drop any cash on a sport coat. You have the black shoes. Buy a white shirt and a conservative tie if you don't have one. How poorly does the suit fit?
there is a Canada Goose thread on SWD: http://www.styleforum.net/t/131691/canada-goose
I am sure many people buy from reputable sources but the number of online sites with "sale priced" CG is crazy. There are also tutorials on YouTube showing fakes. With the relative explosion of CG in T.O. And other cities I can't imagine everyone is paying retail.Should check if there is a CG thread on SWD.
Wonder what percentage of the GTA Canada Goose flock is counterfeit (knowingly or unknowingly)?
With my Paprika boot I have noticed a far more robust heel cup design as compared to my other balmoral and derby boots. Never had such a good heel fit with no slippage other than with a bespoke pair.
Nice comparison. How would you compare the fit of the Paprika versus the Carmina?
No you do not need one of these. If you want to wear it do it. You will find so much Canada Goose being worn in downtown Toronto that you will immediately fit in.
Wait, you are not being let into clubs because you are wearing square toe shoes? Or is this something club owners are telling you? Where is this happening? Why haven't I heard abut it. No wonder I cant get into clubs!
Did you buy it?
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