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Only if the ginger from the Armoury starts doing it. Then we will know it is acceptable.
This is clearly a communication error on both sides. There are enough photos here and on the Vass site to show either the exact model you want or the design elements you want. It would have been easy to say - when he sent you the photo from the catalogue - yes, that is the shoe I want but with a plain captoe without the broguing. Or whatever modifications you wanted. However, Vass still occasionally makes mistakes even when you send pictures and simple specific itemized...
Do you think the QA issues with Moo and others is linked to increased production demand? SF plus Epaulet, Skoketiebolaget, the Armoury and other places are new sources of orders beyond the domestic market? Or is it just the luck of the draw and to be expected at that price point? My two MTO's were well made and finished. Certainly Moo's customer service experience was downright poor. But is there a parallel here with Meermin? One it became a SF darling there were all...
If you are looking for something similar to those women's boots try googling filzstiefel or schaftstiefel. These are German/Austrian high felt with leather or all leather boots.
Most of these sites are for counterfeit Moncler products.
Welcome to SF. Is it charcoal or is it black? Secondly, is it a solid colour? Finally, what kind of texture does it have; is it a smooth worsted texture like a suit jacket? You may not find a lot of love here for an almost black odd jacket that resembles a suit jacket. Pictures would help.
Good for you. I was going to suggest Puma or converse or some of the repro old school shoe from similar brands but it seemed like you were looking for something more upscale.
Good tip. Always look for those snowy bits and never cut on your inside foot.
Well, as I said I was impressed with the traction of the Vass Topy so hopefully you'll be OK. I'm pissed though that you don't have any snow!
^ this
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