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Interesting. There is nothing on their website giving any indication of their products (fabrics etc.). The contact numbers are wireless numbers in many cases. The shirt and suit jacket on their homepage is hideous but that is an aside. Here is an add looking for sales associates: I suspect the business model is similar to the visiting tailor from afar. Visit the client with...
For dress situations, 60% boots, of which there is a 50/50 distribution between balmoral and derby.
.[/quote]These treads work surprisingly well in snow. I am quite pleased with them. Recommend. I am sure commando soles are great too but these are much more demure and cost $30.[/quote] Perfect!
Holidays until January 2nd. Doing chores -26 C (-15F) with windchill at -33 C (-27 F): Steger Yukon Mukluks (lighter and warmer than Sorels). Pants tucked into boots following SWD guidelines. Too damn cold for Galways even if they are shearling lined. Arborwear duck canvas double knee pants (far more flattering fit than Carharts; sorry but no cuff although they are slightly cheaper than the Studio d'artisan ones I have. Icebreaker long underwear Icebreaker crew neck...
Depending on the level of snow you are walking through double soles with Topy and goyser may do. I'd echo the Vibram suggestion if you are tromping through drifts. Stay away from the F last with wide feet.
Tell him you buy them on SF. There are some people who will turn up their nose after hearing the garment they just complimented was thrifted or purchased on eBay. Only you know for sure what the downside may be if you tell him the truth. Fact is though, the truth is always the best choice if you don't care about his reaction. If you are worried, tell him you buy them new on Bay or SF or at sample sales or (insert legitimate & plausible source here). I probably would not...
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