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You tip you lawyer!
He will do anything including MTO. Nice guy. Knows his stuff. You will pay retail prices. No PLal discounts.
Andy Trott is Vancouver is the best place to buy C&J in Canada.
Both well made. CDW will be more expensive. I'd take CDW myself. You can also look at Mt. Rainier Designs (Japanese designed, US fabric made in China but well made). Both they and CDW use 60/40 cloth. Another quality maker to look at is Feathered Friends (US made). From the UK I'd suggest RAB and PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs). The last 3 makers are highly regarded for functional down products.
People are just making the distinction between the UK product and what was available in the U.S. with the KFS name. KFS U.S. products were only linked in name to the UK. Check your labels.
My tie maker sends them in the clear plastic sleeve without additional folding
Lafont, I'm assuming the label on your ties say Kilgour? Malford is saying recent products from them are of high quality. KFS was made under license for the US market and of middling quality.
Quite right. But how and when - if at all -to raise the issue of a discount is the delicate matter. I think Macallan's post is instructive versus going in to the shop and going "what percent of the pents is set up and design? Once we get this done and I want to buy more you should knock this off the price."
Why not email RayBan and ask them? May be differences in lenses. Go to the source.
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