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Wouldn't you think of trying to clean the spot off prior to checking with SF?
Ask your question in the The Tailor's Thread.
Here is the product on their site, notice how it's described as being on the 202 Last: Leffot has changed the online info from 202 to 82
+1 for North Sea Clothing. Very nice, thick traditional sweaters.
JoeGat, Your arguments might be more compelling if you failed down the hyperbole and paid more attention to what people write. CHRK33 says that there is a six-person MTO for Galways. You skim over that post or misread what he says and state that RTW EG's are fine, the problem is in the quality of their MTO's. it is sort of like talking over people, which no one likes. Secondly, Farhad16920 says he has had no major problems over a twenty year span. You misread this as he...
Daily beater.
How slim is slim? That is a relative terms. There are many slim RTW shirts, some more than others. What is your size or measurements? Which ones have you tried? These answers will help people provide answers.
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