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Maybe my information is wrong or out of date but isn't Maftei's RTW and MTO price in the 500 euro range and their bespoke price starting at the 1000 euro mark?Or are you saying that you can get Vass in a width that fits and would have to do Maftei bespoke?I'm interested in seeing if their prices have risen over time.Thanks.
No, some makers include a number that indicates a drop even for an odd jacket. Gives you and indication of the cut of the jacket and the taper between chest and waist.
Good thing someone didn't suggest going to a SF approved tailor for a full sleeve replacement.
His email is listed on his blog if you scroll through the straps. Sdrabbott@gmail.com
Wouldn't you think of trying to clean the spot off prior to checking with SF?
Ask your question in the The Tailor's Thread.
Here is the product on their site, notice how it's described as being on the 202 Last: Leffot has changed the online info from 202 to 82
+1 for North Sea Clothing. Very nice, thick traditional sweaters.
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