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^This. The OP asked about appropriateness of suit colour and shoes, not about fit. It was answered well above. The threads referenced to support brown over black also support the notion that in formal circumstances, black may indeed be more appropriate and that even proponents of brown shoes might support that notion.Providing general, surface knowledge suit fit advice in the absence of fit pics accomplishes very little.
Or Spencer Hart
If you still want a black suit despite what you've read here. Get it. At least make an effort to be fitted in person.
Can anyone purchase directly with Harrison's or must you have a business affiliation?
If you are in or close to Toronto, visit Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew or other shops that carry the brands you are looking at online. Try them on and see which ones actually fit you.
It will also give you a leg up should the Village People choose to recruit a new member
Quick work & thanks
^ this. MTM is the only way to get a proper jacket length amongst other things given your height and chest size
Jesper, any thought on what needs to be done to refine your Kielman last? That's assuming you will commission another pair? Did you do your own measurements or did you have another person measure you?
Try it to appreciate the difference. Any shoe made on a last that is specific to your feet will still fit better even if you have average feet. Of course the fit still has to be tweaked over time. Even an existing last that is modified to your measurements is going to be better than RTW.
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