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Um, because he has no skin in the game, is saying that Drew is a US citizen so legal and IRS options (not paying tax on worldwide income) are options and is not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome so he sees a bit more clearly than the apologists and the fanboi's who would suck Drew's dick if he messaged them and said "your jacket is on the way"
Boss fit or not the sleeves are messed and your defensive posture and lame excuse are not befitting of the serious cosplayer you have sought to become. Surely your paparazzi could have shot you to avoid displaying the sleeve failure. What would Greg have to offer in the way of an explanation other than you received a cocked up MTO from a forum fave that you accept because it is an otherwise bitchin' fit. Could have had that done in the third world for way less dosh unless...
Or add "Appreciation" to the title of this thread so everyone knows it's all about sweetness and light and to take the Pitti Hate Machine elsewhere. Otherwise It should be fair to to compliment EFV as well as say "you know, there is a former SF AV and current member who has an interesting yellow Tattersall DB but the red buttons take it into Ronald McDonald territory"
He's owned Al Bazar since 1969 so add a decade or two to his age
Hey DC, everybody at DressedWell really like this fit. You should post more dark colours. They suit you
you might want to check out Asos which seems to have tweed-esque fabrics at low prices and you can mix and match. Not sure how slim fitting/shrunken you want things though:|attribute_989:attributeitem_4868¤tpricerange=10-545&pgesize=36
yes, horrible stuff. be best to clear it all out of Fok's forum here. no place for it.
Well other than the strange coincidence of the wording of that post and yours, I think It was established it is an old design. There is a post in the classifieds from
There is a post from on AAAC from August 24th, 2011 The poster asks: Hi, First time poster, i've read the forums for a while. I've just been offered these shoes. They're Crockett & Jones Salisbury. I can't find any history of the Salisbury style. Also I'm unsure of the age. Can anyone tell me if they are genuine by the pictures? Also what kind of value should I be...
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