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Wrong forum.
Yes but they should both face the same way, no?
Just received a RLPL suit that I bought on eBay (my second RLPL suit) and was very surprised to see that the left and right side-adjusters point opposite directions. Specifically the left adjuster has the metal loop on the tab closest to the front and the right adjuster has the metal loop on the back tab (so when done, the loose end sticks forward!?). Has anybody else run into this sort of thing before? Seems trivial to have the tailor fix it, but it seems really really...
Agree that mixing used and NWT makes the comparison totally meaningless. The number is entirely driven by the ratio of used to NWT in your sample.
I'm a 42/52L, so hopefully a little better luck.
A trip from Florida seems excessive. I can fly from Richmond for 10,000 miles each way almost as fast as I can drive to D.C., so it doesn't seem too ridiculous.
Haven't started a thread that elicited the popcorn emoticon in quite a while. Is that a vote for "fools errand"?
I'm in desperate need of a major refresh to my suit wardrobe and am considering burning a few frequent flyer miles to come up to NY next weekend and drive up to Woodbury to take advantage of the various Labor Day sales going on. My summer has been insane so far this year and it appears that I'm late to game to find decent sales placed like the RL mansion or the Barney's warehouse sale. Any thoughts from members more familiar with Woodbury than I? Is this a fool's errand?...
DAMNIT! I go out of the country and this sweet suit shows up while I'm gone.
There is currently a conspiracy on StyleForum against perfectly proportioned men.
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