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I'll take 10ml if available. Thanks.
@psg Maybe I am over-thinking the 1985. Good to know its an appreciated gift. I actually had not considered the presentation piece at all. If I did not get a presentation box, how does one gift champagne? Wrapping paper seems a bit silly. @piobaire I actually thought about that as well. The only thing is, I have never had port myself and I know my friend does not have a particular sweet tooth. I am afraid a dessert wine is not the best fit.
Point taken. I am still tempted by the 1985 though I realize it may not be the best rationale for purchase. Also intrigued by the following two: Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 1998 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires Brut 1995
@skinny - fair point, I should explain. We met up this past weekend for the bachelor party and he didn't seem too excited about it. Mentioned she did most of the planning. @gome - Something like this? My concern was exactly that - are most '85s past their prime? Any specific suggestion for a more recent vintage?
I have the wedding of one of my good friends in a few weeks. He is the first one of my close friends getting married so this is a bit of a first. He is pretty well off and doesn't 'need' anything. I don't want to pick off an item from the gift registry since I know he didn't play a major role in it. At the same time, I want to gift something that both of them can enjoy. Any thoughts on Champagne being that gift? He enjoys a lot of wine and an occasional glass of...
Salvage title is a bit iffy. A quick eBay search showed the GTIs closer to 18-20k.Great. I am in somewhat similar shoes as the OP except I won't be getting anything for another six months. And I am in CA so don't need AWD. Looking for something more fun than a Civic, which is the obvious / smart choice. 4 door ideally.
How are those for maintenance? How long does she keep her cars for?
Post on the Timezone forum, under the JLC section. Some of those dudes have an incredible amount of knowledge and will be far more likely to ID it. Where did you get it from btw?
The first year and a half was exciting. The second year and a half sucked. However, I can't really hate the whole experience, it allowed me to take a year long vacation at 25. That year justified the three years of working.I also don't think 'throwing away your life' is fair. While I had a lot less free time, I did so much more with it. In other words, my friends spent all weekend sitting at home, watching tv and being a bum. When I had a few free hours on a Saturday, I...
Out of college, I worked for 80-100 hrs/week, 7 days a week, including holidays (4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc). Got to take one week off each summer. Did it for three years, quit my job and spent a full year traveling. Admittedly, being a bitch in some industries is more lucrative than others but at the end of the day, depends on what you really want to do. You could hate your job in a year or two, you never know.
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