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Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl She's not interested in dating you. If she was, she'd do something about it and stop dating other guys instead. I'm sure you're not exactly good at keeping it secret that you're not into her, but that could be just me. I've had dude friends like you...the ones who are always "there" when I need them, the ones who patiently wait in the wings, hoping I'll miraculously decide we should date... I dunno, you can ask her...
i counted 26 seats , nice Japanese restaurant in the Time Warner Center. There is no menu; dinner takes around 3hrs, $300-500 prix-fixe. I had the opportunity to dine there this past saturday, it was good but not as unparalleled a omakase experience as they claim. Has anybody else tried it?
cask on 33rd, good food reigning champ makes some great hoodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 Really, are you fucking serious? I'm 6', 190lbs, I have a 32/33 waist, wear a Medium or Large depending on the label and a 42R suit, I'll still out run and out lift you. It's not like I sit around doing nothing, I bust my ass in the gym 6 days a week. I stopped being super strict on my diet, my pre-wifey doesn't give a shit if I'm 10% bf or 20% bf and I enjoy craft beer and great restaurants. I cared about all that...
yea the new sansa clips with the micro sd card slot are the way to go, you can get up to 42gb (8gb + 32gb card) of storage in a very small mp3 player for under $190.
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet I've been eating/loving sushi/sashimi for over 25 years. If your chef has it, try the albacore sashimi. I also loved fresh uni when the bars I went to had it. But, it is hard to keep fresh and the chef ends up wasting the urchins because the meat just isn't edible. Became too expensive and fresh uni is no longer served at any bars I go to. So, the refrigerated uni is what I eat. Still good but not as good. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit ^^^ These days they'll go after anyone who has a job and buy them free sheet true that actual baller sneakers, make you jump higher and they cost $300, ugly as sin to boot.
nike sb, made from the jordan 3 elephant print.
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