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the amount of spam in the general chat area right now, whats with all the online pharmacies??
Quote: Originally Posted by big_eyes NWOT Classic Fit jeans, from S/S 2010. Saw them at a good price and took a chance on them, but they don't fit quite how I'd like in the waist, and rather than tough it out to break them in, I'll let them go to another who's more willing to do so. Pics are now attached! Asking 200 => 180 => 160 => 140 shipped anywhere in NA. At the time of writing, the post office has locked out their employees, so it'll have to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho I've been whispering about ACTC for a minute. This week is going to be huge as they start injections. Do some research, they're going to be big. Ton of O/S shares, but if they can get above $1 in October when the results are announced I see a R/S (maybe?) then a huge run up.. look at mcet as well for a stem play, they've been granted an important patent recently.
Go with window pane, and pin stripes, solids are a given but a nice window pane and thin pin stripe is classic.
teh streetz
watching workaholics
are the apc's still up for grabs?
skyotps are def not worth the $150+ some retailers charge for them, however there are lots of places where you can find them on sale for around 50~70. check out jimmyjazz's online store.
it is from sunny. they even have a wiki page for it.
for those not in the know.. DENNIS system: Demonstrate Value Engage physically Nurture dependence Negelct emotionally Inspire hope Separate entirely MAC system: Move in After Completion
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