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cool story brew
Price drop $230
Quote: Originally Posted by drtchock just had a look at some neighborhood stuff, cant see anything like this though or that logo. thanks for suggesting it tho! i'll take a look at some of my lookbooks when i get home, it's definetely a japanese street wear brand, ill let you know what i come up with.
von zipper, they have lots of biggg models
Quote: Originally Posted by drtchock Can anyone idenfity this overshirt? Its like a button up cardigan in an overshirt style with 2 chest pockets. The pictures arent great but they are all I have. You can see the brands logo on the bottom of the placket, can anyone make this out?? Thanks alot! Neighborhood maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by subdivide I'd like to buy a dozen or so repro cinches in the older Levis style for a project- does anyone know of a place that sells them by the piece? Copper, brass, or stainless would all work. theres a place in new york that sells them in the garmet district, moishes buttons or something like that if i remember correctly.
price drop to $250
i just realized they are not selvedge hence the different fit.
Brand new pair of Nom De Guerre Indigo Selvedge with the sinch at the back and exposed buttons for suspenders, these were the rarest of the NDG selvedge denim line, never worn or tried on, no need to tell you about the quality and rarity here, absolutely impeccable japanese selvedge denim from NDG. will ship for free anywhere in the conus, international shipping will cost $30 via insured EMS and refund whatever the difference if it's less than $30 not looking to make...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho NOOOOOO!!!!!! MCET is a complete joke!!! Stay away, far away from this stock. whats wrong with mcet?
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