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musclepharm has some pretty good products at decent prices, you should def take a look at their stuff.
i guess it's hit or miss, mine was on the verizon campus in jersey and they had lots of vendors and pharma sponsors (since jersey is the mecca for the pharma industry) and local bike shops that were giving free stuff away . it was def a good experience and will be doing it again next year.
i just did the tour de cure (30 miler) in baskin ridge a couple of months back, everybody was really cool. how was yours?
last drop, they will be going on ebay this weekend if nobody fancies em'.
drop > $190. this is an awesome deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by dacia1300 price drop $210 drop to $200
where is this unicorn pic I've kept reading about all threak
price drop $210
for the love of gawd somebody pm me the pic, this is epic.
Quote: Originally Posted by TourbillonTurk. Ye I heard about this, i´m quite interested in fact! But I hope it won´t be another Google-flop! it probably will flop and when it does you can go back to myspace. jt is bringing sexy back there.
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