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Alfonso Ribeiro, Kurt Kobain, Rob Pilatus one per crew, this isnt sugar ray.
he's been copy pastaing
always wear compression shorts, you can buy them at any sporting goods store for around $20, they are a life saver.
i just checked that application, it is pretty intense, i no longer have my coaches contact information, i bet they are going to ask me to draw blood to prove that its blue enough. crew in miami was way more laidback.
totally forgot about this thread, did it again today and went extra hard, made sure to check afterwards and it looked just like the pic you posted, got in at 6.19. i need to join a masters crew or something, this is fun, does anybody know of any in NYC?
i felt it too. oprah queffed in midtown apparently.
you initiate an ACAT into your new brokerage acct and thats it. a lot of online brokerage will reimburse you up to 100$ to do this usually, just do some searches see whos offering what at this point in time.
did a 6.30 2k a couple of weeks back after 4 years of not setting foot in a boat, this was on a machine at the gym btw. a steady regiment of pull ups helped. i guess it's like riding a bike or the machine sensors are off, because that struck me as extremely good given the fact that I havent done it in so long.
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