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don't power lift just yet and get plenty of rest everyday, i've read in a few medical journals that power lifting at a young age stuns growth. the rest bit is pretty self explanatory. good luck on your growth goals in 2012 OP. stay safe.
thread resurection, alliance, top school in nyc.
@caltex, get brylcreeme, will keep you lookin moist all day.
Selling a pair of DS NDG indigo selvedge jeans, classic fit, tags attached, never worn, sized 32x34, crisp as the day I purchased them from NDG in NYC. These jeans are no longer produced and are impossible to find, great design, denim and hardware throughout, unfortuantelly I am no longer a 32 waist or I would have kept them. Size: Waist- 32", Inseam- 34", Front Rise- 11", Thigh- 11.5", Leg Hem- 9" Made In Japan Retailed for - $375
I've just bought a pair and have to say they are a bit tigther than the regular classic standard fit, so much so that I had to go with a 35*34 instead of my usual 34*34. the craftsmanship is great though and for the money the denim quality can't be beat in my opinion, has anybody else picked up any recently?
How do you guys feel about the new uniqlo slim fit selvedge made in japan cut?
supras and uniqlo jeans are gone, drop to $125 on the geller chinos.
Selling a couple of pairs of pants and a pair of sneakers. Robert Geller Chinos size 34 waist 34 inseam - made in japan 475$ retail looking for $150 shipped in the conus. brand new with tags never worn Uniqlo Slim Fit Straight Selvedge jeans waist 36 inseam 34 - made in japan 90 retail; looking for $100 shipped in the conus. brand new with tags never worn supra society tk size 11 retail was 150, looking for 120$. Willing to do the whole lot for 300 if anybody is...
try the new uniqlo made in japan selvedge, i have a similar build and these work marvelously. finding a 36 inseam is going to be damn near impossible tho.
+1000000000000000001 headhunters are pieces of shit, I still cannot believe the shit they try to pull even these days and I'm going in for director level positions in finance, my favorite was the last batch of interviews where this cunt of a recrutier lied about the offer it was 20k less when I received the offer letter from the bank. i called her on it and she said she misudnerstood, told em both to piss off and awared my mates to this whore's dirty ways, fuck em/ /end rant
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