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jelly of a manlet? bigger is better 6'6'', forevermanmore.
+1back day today, gonna crank out around 80 pull ups, reverse grip, side to side, wide and narrow and regular grip, 8 sets of 10, as long as your form is right you are all set. best excersice you can ever do as far as your back is concerned.
also a ton more articles echoing pretty much what I said upthread, I'll find the JAMA one though and let you have a read as well. trying to help the kid out not lead him astray mang.
Children who lift weights must be monitored closely. The regimen must be very carefully supervised with emphasis on correct form and not on maximum weight or number of lifts. Resistance should not be increased until the child has learned the proper form and technique for each exercise. Additionally, a young athlete should adhere to some general principles during a training program. The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine recommends 2 or 3 training sessions per...
didnt say they were synonyms i'll have a ook around for the study, there was a write up in jama if memory serves correctly where it indicated that unsupervised powerlifting participants int the study had higher incidents of injury when compared to the control group, therefore causing issues. check the bit on injuries, powerlifting / roiding out would def put you at a higher risk and not help your cause in growing furhter, the most important thing when it comes to growing is clearly genetics. i never told the kid not to lift, just to stay off the gorilla roider mentality, and avoid powerlifitng if not supervised / proper form etc.. cliffs of study Experimental programs most often used...
i said no power lifting manlet, so lets not get into that debate because this has been proven time and time again, with science. dig?
alliance has gi and no gi, training, they acutally just cleaned up at the NY open last weekend, won a bunch of medals.
aware as fuark, are you going to recomend he start pounding cell tech now so he can get on that zyzz time now. btw how tall are you son?
does none of those things really, just makes it greasy looking, its what the straight haired greasers used back in the day, i have wavy / curly hair as well and i use it during the humid summer months in nyc when i don't want the snoop jew fro look.
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