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what variables should be looked at in a marriage partner kind sir?
its pretty dense, i have to use a fair amount of product to get it to sit right, where in nyc do you get your hair cut?
i have wavy hair and layrite works great when i do the wall st slick back. granted your hair has to be a little damp when applying.
try layrite, works on wavy hair perfect.
Purchased from a reseller off the bay, brand new in the watch taco, a tad too big for my tastes, paid $495 for it, looking to get $475 shipped to the CONUS The Maratac™ Pilot watch measures a little over 46mm wide and weighs 83 grams. This watch is ideal for both formal and casual events and is truly built to last with a robust sapphire domed crystal. Watch Details: •Case: 316 stainless steel case cut from solid block. •Dial: Print dial. With super luminova C3...
price drop to $220 shipped in the CONUS
why did they ban you?
i like how we hijaked thread and turned it into the misc. stay safe op, stay safe.
u mad?
already there son, do you even lift?
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