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I have a friend getting his MBA at G-town right now, way I understand it from him is that you do an internship after your first year then they would offer you a full time job at the end of the internship upon graduation if all goes well, this isn't set in stone however just how most people do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by samblau Hmmmm...normally I wouldn't give out a trade secret but the store in question was LOUIS Boston...they liquidated EVERYTHING. Haven't sold a thing on ebay in months.....could really use the extra cash. Its a tough life as a poor Something is wrong with that sentence. The funny thing is I go out and party on old ebay money I invested. Varvatos learned quickly..made a good product, than realized...
trade options, really risky but again the reward is commensurate with risk.
Quote: Originally Posted by samblau During those years a major retailer had a reorganization and I was making it hand-over-foot. I was constrained only by my credit limit and space. Imagine getting Kiton shirts for $50 a pop. It was easy $$$. My record keeping was not excellent by any stretch of the imagination. Suffice to say, a college kid pulling in $50k (inc $10k profit alone right before Christmas) was pretty frickin sweet in the Mass suburbs in...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril This is the sort of person who gets hit by one car that throws his body into another car. soo true.
Quote: Originally Posted by bant EXACTLY. walk down ludlow on any given night. what an incredible coincidence to find so many likeminded tapered jean wearing non-conformists. but re: the OP I do think the preppy aesthetic is (or has) made a comeback. look at BOOxSperry throw orchard and rivington into the mix too, the LES is the non conforming mecca of the east coast.
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