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velvetlist.com, join and socialize away, kidding btw. depends on what you're into, uptown or downtown set?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 dear jacqueta, i have been having fantasies of doing dirty, dirty things with you. lets just say it has to do with spaghetti, and your rectum. call me when you get a chance. one love dacia 1300 allready tried that rectum move, no dice. seriously though i doubt I'll see her again, she travels a lot for work, but on the plus side all the dudes around her are gay so there might still be a chance. I'm letting...
Quote: Originally Posted by spiktakula I know this has nothing to do with your situation, kudos on your baller status, but im wondering whats the name of the vegetarian place on bleeker? any good?? I have a date with a veg on sunday and ill be downtown... thanks its good, been there a bunch of times, on bleecker and elizabeth street bet bowery and lafayette, il quartino or something along those lines don't know if I'm spelling it correctly....
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Hey all, I've been in Manhattan for years now, but I can't think of a good spot for my 24th birthday party. I'd be happy with some ideas from all of you. I'm just drawing a blank when thinking of the right spot. Some background: I'm looking for a non-crowded space that is still a fun / decent atmosphere. Difficult door policies or long lines are a complete no-no for this event. I plan on inviting 20-35 people,...
go with WASH, its a pretty sick brand, they carry it at barneys, some of the best fitting softest cotton tees ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by samblau Not if you are a neurotic mess from Long Island! I kid I kid...a little.  
according to jim rotz soy makes kids gay, suffice it to say that he recommends whey. http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53327
If you want to be sore try the p90x program, it is the probably one of the hardest workouts I've ever been through, I'm sure you've all seen the infomercials at 3am; its some serious stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Studio27 don't do this. I did give proper disclosure there, really risky but the upside is pretty impressive.
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