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Went on clearence for 70% off. Is anybody buying? I for one think that tb blazer will make an excellent costume come haloween, pair it with a turtleneck and you can be the loveboat capn or #2 without.
lol @ miami hipster, usually seen at purdy or the room. weren't that many around back in my college days, seems like it's infested now doe.
Just got a pair of these myself, after I tried them on noticed a crease form around the toe box / line area, what has been your experience in wearing them? Do they tend to crease in that area?
Just picked up these AE gramercy loafers, question for those that own a pair is the toe line area going to be creasing terribly? i've just tried them on and that line appeared across there right after I took them off.  
how has that worked out for you?
lift with your legs
OP is your name Spike?
wednesday is ladies night usually, so there's that. what neighborhood is your hotel in? oh and check out Aureole, their tasting menu is amazing.
lots of manlets ITT, 6'6'' a couple of more inches and I would've had to play some sort of profesional sport, flying coach at anything north of 6'8'' sounds like an awful time.
why you mad tho? i just asked stitches for his list of variables, and just because some people like making lists doesn't mean they are not ready for marriage. strong logic is strong there breh.
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