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what's your raw total brew? dyel?
eat clen, tren hard, btw who was legs?
u aware breh?
I did a number of searches before posting, still at a loss so I'm hoping some sf'ers can help me out. I got a sick deal on an awesome Andrea Campagna double breasted suit at the last Barneys sale, come to find out when I get home that the sleeve buttons were m.i,a.. Does anybody know where I can get some buttons to do this sartorial masterpiece justice, I'm located in NYC so if you know of any stores in the city I'd gladly check em out, online works just as well though....
you all toastin in roll bread
what about all those fitted affliction and ed hardy shirts with the true religion jeans
but who was tags? also y didnt you neg the phagoon? that suit is fake and you should leave negative feedback and open a case on ebay, report the seller.
its going to be 65 in nyc this weekend, u mad?
sounds inderdasting, might have to investigate on my next trip down, will be down there MLK weekend. how's everything else in the 305 treating you sir?
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