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Nice list. Not sure where you want to add it but Florshiem Duckie Brown has a bunch of shell shoes, long wings, short wings and some boots. Ralph Lauren had a shell george boot "Garran" and a moc toed chukka "Gifford" that I don't see on there as well.
Bumping up this old thread because it is a much better read than the "working out is more important than clothes" thread. This thread had the type of info that made this forum interesting to me in the first place.
Will do, I have a felted merino from them that I like a lot and is a perfect weight, but it pills terribly. Product of the "felting" I guess.Perfect if it did not have the commando patches.I bought a peregrine "Merino" shawl collar cardigan from STP last year that was not merino, but "New" wool instead. Not a bad sweater, but very wooly, loose knit and basically the antithesis of what I associate with merino.
I'm looking for a 100% heavy merino wool crew-neck. Something that has the same feel as the smooth, itch-free, thin ones they sell everywhere, but just much thicker. Any suggestions?
Just go to the site and sign up for the deal flyer--the bombard you with emails, but they have the %35 off regularly.
Strange-- I did not get that one. I even looked back through my emails. Ah well. Hope they work out for you.
How'd you manage that? The deal code was 35 percent off yesterday?
another wool one at a reasonable price, although probably not as nice as the north sea one:
I have the ones one the right and really like them--navy cordovan. I wear them with grey cords, khakis and grey flannel pants.
Cloth, cut, and tailoring. Better suit will have full canvas construction, maybe horn buttons, working lapel hole, sleeves can have working button holes added easily etc. ---although many $800 suits do not have these features
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