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Quote: Originally Posted by howardroark Judee Sill - Dreams Come True (1974) i love judee sill <3
link? no pedo
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 X not feeling plaintoe rw chukkas needs more moctoe
jumbie is that your kid (yr avatar) soooo cute! trying to pick out a halloween costume for my lil un maybe monchichi
i apologize on behalf of those f'ing racist bastards that hurl insults like "ginger balls" at redheaded folk
i have a prejudice against navy chinos that i can't justify or explain.
this is a personal thing but i won't wear a blue oxford shirt with say, tan chinos. too much a retail/private school uniform.
ok i am keeping the eg jeans you guys missed out wearing them now really good jeans <3 and final bump and price drop on the sorahikos $109 shipped
i would just stay away from monochrome
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