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^ that's actually pretty amazing. amazing how he emulates instrumentation with his voice. i see him around town once in a while, i really should say something to him, like... hi. i like yr toons.
saw valerie and her week of wonders and it blew me away. can't stop thinking about it. then listened to broadcast's "valerie" off haha sound and it aaaaaall made sense.
^ guy with a guitar totally counts! (was just listening to TVZ yesterday) in that vein: Roky Erikson's Never Say Goodbye----legendary frontman of 13th Floor Elevators with an acoustic guitar pouring out his soul. the only time he seems halfway sane is when he sings. and Buddy Holly's Apartment Tapes----his last known recordings before his death, recorded in his New York apartment. and uh... most of Jandek's back catalog.
acrylic afternoons
i am talking albums in which the musician plays ALL the instruments. there is something pure about these sorts of records. no compromise. no collaboration. just pure vision. emitt rhodes recorded four such albums. i've only heard the first two----both are stellar. a californian macca is the most succinct description. it took some serious effort for him to start the track and then run to a drum kit, put on the headphones and play on cue. shuggie otis' inspiration...
^ i just reread that this year; so much tension in that book i hope you are reading the Pevear/Volokhonsky translation connie it was my first time reading their translation and it was grand i regret that they chose "caftan" over "coat" in one instance but that is a niggling complaint
i am only picking up Beatles For Sale i've got everything else on vinyl and CD if money were no object i'd get that mono set but yeah, i don't get boners for remasters; increase in fidelity = decrease in charm
you are not ready for 45rpm jeans
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