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also, sorry dad for saying that you worked too much and were never around i sort of get where you were coming from now
i also admit that i enjoy pasta
i am sorry wild whiskey
Quote: Originally Posted by saelan coldplay is extremely popular. i will admit to liking their last album
just picked this up on vinyl big deal for me to overcome my post-Cream clapton aversion only listened to side one so far but it blew back my wig !!!
Quote: Originally Posted by naaaaate On music forums do people ever ask for the most basic, uncreative and mundane music possible, so devoid of any character that it isn't even possible to date it by its attributes? Like are there cheap record labels just making I-IV-V guitar&voice only folk recordings that cost just a dollar an album or something like that? I'm just wondering if this mentality extends outside the clothing world. ^ that sounds...
black: that was a thoughtful post. thank you. love, ddml
i think Kind of Blue is not a good rec for a neophyte i got that early in the game and it took me yeeeeears to "get" and longer to "like"----love it now, though the friendliest port of entry is Louis Armstrong's Singin' & Playin' still my favorite all time album of any genre from there... Coltrane's My Favorite Things and Miles Davis' Someday My Prince Will Come and Getz/Gilberto <- get this now
in all fairness, probably a good shirt to wear while changing the oil of your car, or while painting your house, or like, hugging kunk's mom.
leather lining on an indy boot doesn't sit well with me the cotton duck lining is more in keeping with the spirit of the 405 imo and yeah, makes it lighter weight and readier for action luxe indy boots are oxymoronic though i will admit that i covet the leathersoul indys in snuff suede
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