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Checking in.
paid in full!
I lucked upon a pair of Nantucket Red plain front shorts from Murray's Toggery Shop (MADE IN THE USA!) yesterday. Been on a bit of a streak, lately. Also nabbed a Mercer & Sons shirt in my size.
As I understand, the Barrie is their most democratic last. If you are worried about the Trubalance not fitting your feet, I'd go Barrie.
I find that I wear the same size in Converse Chuck Taylors as Alden Barrie, Trubalance, and Van lasts. With running shoes, I find I am true to size (whatever that means anymore) and in "normal shoes" (not sure what that means) I size down a half size. I write this in the hope that it helps you size your Alden shoe purchase. Which ones are you looking to procure? Your friend, Owen PS: You may want to experiment on eBay before you pay full retail on a pair of Alden...
you've got a PM
killswitch: you disgust me die in a fire this place is a cesspool xoxoxo
Quote: Originally Posted by altemp I'm sorry, but you look like a sex offender. Edit: Fit is good though. what is wrong with you? would you say that to someone in real life? i seriously doubt it. that is obnoxious and depressing. pm incoming
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