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Cannot attend. Sorry, gents.
Thank you. I'll check them out.
Who is the go-to workhorse MTM shirt maker these days? Used to go with Modern Tailor, but would love to know if there are better options out there. Will be shopping in the $50-$100/shirt range.
Greetings, Looking pick up a pair of vintage shell wingtip/longwing shoes in no. 8 or similar colour, sized approximately 12D (11 or 11.5 could also possibly work, depending on the width). Winter is brutal here, so I like to buy something that I can totally destroy in a season or two. If you've got a thrift store buy you are looking to flip, get at me. Thanks for looking.
Have had these sitting in my closet for the last year or so. I can count on the number of times I have worn each of these on one hand, and probably never for an entire day. Always wanted these to work for me, but they just don't suit my body type. Looking for $SOLD shipped per pair in US and Canada. Would do $SOLD shipped for all three in US and Canada, as they all have similar measurements. Pair 1 - Brown Houndstooth, 100% Wool, Flat Front, Tagged 52 (36) Waist -...
Thank you!
Tempted to try this MTM operation, as free shipping to Canada sounds great. Anyone get hit with duty on arrival?
For real? $1K is "cheap"? I don't think I listed anything too ridiculous in my criteria...
I've just realized that I lost my overcoats in my most recent move, and would really like to get at least one replacement as soon as possible, before it gets even colder. Not sure where to look these days, but this is my criteria: (1) Must be grey or camel (2) Must contain no synthetic fibres (3) Must not fit like a tent (4) Must cost less than $1K Right now, I'm eyeing some ISAIA, but maybe y'all have some better options for me?
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