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Thanks for everyone's input. There are some glorious responses in this thread. I shall purge.
Primarily for a business casual office (but that's just me). I wanted the discussion to be broader, since it could be employed in a much more formal occasion (wedding? formal dress event?), or in a more casual situation (out for drinks, for example). I've heard the "you look like the waiter" argument, and I agree with it. I've also heard the "you look like a bad lawyer" and "you're in the mob?" and "you are not Johnny Cash". All good points. But you can make similar...
I do not have a black dress shirt. I have four. Don't ask. The prevailing opinion is that the black dress shirt is simply not a wise choice, under almost all circumstances. I'd like to throw out a few examples which might bolster an argument to the contrary. Personally, I'm starting to agree that wearing a black dress shirt is a no-no. Nevertheless, Could this be borderline acceptable? Yes, it is a black dress shirt, but I think the brown jacket/belt/shoes(presumably)...
Are the J&M Aristocrafts something to jump on at those prices? I'm not familiar with that brand. And your question about whether they were made in the US: is that relevant to the quality of the shoe? Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack A couple of J&M Aristocrafts. I believe these are from the US-made...
Quote: Originally Posted by MysticAura what is the cats meow? looked on the website and cant figure it out It's an english expression. If english is not your first language (or even if it is!), it means "a highly regarded person or thing".
pm sent
Alden chukka boots:
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF At J Crew I always look at those shirts, think that they might fit right and they just don't. Target vintage is similar, cheaper and a much better fit. Jeans and boots to me look good. Thanks for the tip. But I've never heard of target vintage. Have a link or more info?
J.Crew light cotton shirt APC NS Justin boots (off ebay, bullhide with modified heel)
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