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a) i thought you only had dirt roads up thereb) i do it all day every day. maybe you need more shoes in your rotation?
yes, just do this. theyre the only place that can properly resole a goodyear welted shoe in australia, although the guys from beggar man thief claimed they can too.otherwise have a chat to double monk on smith st. they said they were going to offer some resole/refurb options, but if they involve going back to the factory, then youre paying a lot more than i did.Oh, and please dont topy your shoe. if you wanted a rubber soled shoe to begin with, then why didnt you just buy...
150 each if you ordered 3 or more. i didnt get the collar design right, but otherwise fit was good and well made. they didnt do thick buttons at the time so i dont like those, but they now offer properly thick mop buttons as standard.there has been no mention of a shirt offer this timea round though
well i never ordered a suit from yao, but from what i saw the stuff was nice. there are pros and cons to using this service vs p johnson, but they balance each other out really. if youre comfortable with the fit and quality of p johnson, then you dont need to change.if you'd like a bit more flexibility over the design, and perhaps access to different fabrics, then yao is worth considering.whilst yao is full bespoke, youre not going to get a fitting unless you tie it in...
i went last year and ordered some shirts. he had a deal going on thomas mason stuff.the suit prices were pretty similar to chan, but chan has increased a bit of late so im not sure if yao has done the same.$1200 and up. expect $1500 for something half decent.
I second quar's post that the rest of you are small timers
yes all fine. i replied to pepe to confirm it was ok
whats with all the half sizes for trees? size up or size down?
i think if you were as tall as the rest of us, it would have been fantastic
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