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who wants to wait 8 weeks for RTW sizing?
lol, what are you looking for? but florence is the correct answer to your next question. and that question was where to buy leather goods, and good cheap ties.
when are the other colours due? or colors
Can you pick a city in Tuscany at least? Florence? Siena?
I got an email from suit supply saying something about oversupply of italian fabric yadda yadda and they were now offering m2m from 299gbp, originally 499. i am pretty interested in that price. oddly, it says price does not include alterations. i dont know how that would be the case with m2m but i guess they have to do their best to squeeze some margin.
maybe im mistaken, but your kilgour trousers appear to be, in fact gieves and hawkes
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty One option you might like to add to your list is Suitsupply MTM. They have a shop in London that I believe offers the MTM programme (though I don't think there's a physically separate shop for MTM like here in Amsterdam). Price-wise, this will be nearer your original goal. They have two stores in London now, one in the new Westfield and the other at the start of Savile Row across from Gives and...
woh, have you seen his website? it offends my eyes
they use wensum as well i believe.
no, you should pass go see katerina on liverpool st
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