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if youre in fitzrovia, russell and hodge are quite close by. pied a terre for dining on charlotte st as well. charlotte st has lots of nice dining options. marylebone high st might be a bit of a walk across, bit if you make it to the fromagerie, pop in next door to the ginger pig and get a sausage roll as well. then maybe downstairs at matches on the high st. then walk south and go down st christopher's place, then on to selfridges
i think russell and hodge are the only ones that make the shirt in london.
How many, if any, vents?
would like to see a few more patterns
i used to use katrina quite a lot. ocassionally she didnt charge me for some alterations based on the number of things i was bringing in. highly recommended if you want to have shirt sleeves shortened. and she is good value
i negotiated 30% off my planet ocean around 12 months ago. i just told the AD that i heard that people had bought it for rrp -30%, they checked and 2mins later it was sorted. almost wish i had asked for more. that being said, there are a million omega ADs out there, so they have to win your sale somehow.
any 16.5s please?
Quote: Originally Posted by dclloyd Very nice website ... better than tailorstore.com which I've always found to be better than most. Unfortunatly with only 17 fabrics to choose from I'm not sure I'd order from them. Maybe a couple of basic ones just to check them out. Certainly one to bookmark. EDIT - Tried to order a shirt, and no matter which fabric choice you make it doesn't 'take'. I've got 7 shirts with "Clean Break" fabric in my...
Have you got measurements on the kilgour jacket? My understanding is that they're fairly slim at the waist, no? Also, im having a hard time working out the fabric. It says flannel, but i cant work out how fine it is or whether its pretty thick.
according to their website, they do a half fitting. sounds proper bespoke and not MTM. website says starting at 550 though, not the 495. plus who knows how much extra for a decent H&S or similar cloth
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