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sounds like a lot of work
im planning to head out and see charles this week, as im in town from london. anyone have an idea of what hours he keeps, and how much/how long will a cab cost/take to get to parramatta from the cbd?
they dont sell overseas because no where else in the world do you have to pay those prices for nice but not overly great shirts i went past today, and they dont have much discounting going on. its 2 shirts for 300, getting cheaper the more you buy. i didnt see many of the famed 'osaka' suits either
I'd be curious to know where you end up. Riva and Alumo are very nice shirt fabrics
try being a 16.5 neck and a 38 chest. i have some mastai ferretti shirts that are slim. some ppl recommend barba as being very slim. i also have some 'rouben' shirts i bought in frankfurt that fit very well, and they were only around 40 euro each
I used to like some of the Hudson shoes that Aquila sell. No goodyear this and blake stitch that, agreed, but they were fairly nice looking if not fashion forward shoes. Now i've come to the uk and realise that they are sold thru topshop/topman, office and other fairly run of the mill places. And loake at $300aud? No one wears loake here. The crappy menswear stores here sell them.
you took them where?
Myer melbourne did them for a while. Might be worth checking out grace brothers or whatever you call it in sydney
How much to post it to London?
We recruited someone to go and work in our abu dhabi office recently and they resigned after 1 week, citing that they couldnt find anywhere to live. Granted they werent on an extrondinary salary, but apparently the rental market there is extremely tight, and open for inspections turn into a bidding war. there was an option to live in dubai (no shortage of accom there) and then commute to abu dhabi everyday. apparently it is around a 1hr drive.
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