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22.40 return from London. Thats an expensive trip if you dont find anything. Anyone driving from inner London?
keen to see the pics. i went and got measured up at graham browne in the city last week. 10oz charcoal from holland and sherry's target range. 3 roll 2.5
i like those burberry pants, but in reality, how rediculous would i look wearing them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Suede Chukka Norris Darting on a man's shirt? I'm sorry, but that is incredibly gay. OH Lord that's funny. maybe youre fat enough that you dont need a slimmer shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by atct86 Darts were recommended, but I do not like the look of them. Should I make any changes to the collar? listen to the experts. and why do u want to change the collar? there is nothing wrong with a fused collar if it is done properly.
one sleeve is longer than the other and it looks a bit full in the back. i think it could use some darts, but then not everyone is a fan
where are the actual sleeve lengths?
theres a few places on regent st, but they mainly do the suiting stuff, tweeds if you want it. im not sure what else. im pretty sure u can buy liberty print fabric from liberty. i think john lewis also sells fabric, but it cant be that special. i think its petticoat lane that has a few market stalls with fabric, but its been a while so dont go there on my recommendation. at any rate, the obvious places on regent st should be able to point you in the right direction if...
So im in the big apple for the first time over the easter weekend. Currently im holding a reservation for 6 columbus, but it has some mixed reviews on tripadvisor. I have a studio suite so im fairly confident that the room wont be too small, but does anyone else have any feedback. i also have a reservation at the room mate grace, and while i understand that might not try to be as upmarket, it generally has better reviews. i need to cut one of them loose in the next...
21 is a lot better than the 19 he first quoted. im a 16.5 neck and a 39 chest, and i typically require the slimmest of slim shirts. sleeve length?
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