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any 16.5s please?
Quote: Originally Posted by dclloyd Very nice website ... better than tailorstore.com which I've always found to be better than most. Unfortunatly with only 17 fabrics to choose from I'm not sure I'd order from them. Maybe a couple of basic ones just to check them out. Certainly one to bookmark. EDIT - Tried to order a shirt, and no matter which fabric choice you make it doesn't 'take'. I've got 7 shirts with "Clean Break" fabric in my...
Have you got measurements on the kilgour jacket? My understanding is that they're fairly slim at the waist, no? Also, im having a hard time working out the fabric. It says flannel, but i cant work out how fine it is or whether its pretty thick.
according to their website, they do a half fitting. sounds proper bespoke and not MTM. website says starting at 550 though, not the 495. plus who knows how much extra for a decent H&S or similar cloth
if youre in the UK, you pay VAT which makes pediwear not much cheaper (262gbp vs 270gbp in store for a pair of drummonds) im not sure they will match the plal price with a price that includes VAT
curious of a chest measurement of the finamore shirt
i got my shirt made and im pretty happy with it. i didnt have time to give feedback to charles before coming back to london so im going to make some very slight changes to any subsequent shirts i order, but im keen to see how this one takes shape after a few washes and wears. i did find charles very helpful and patient in talking about the shirts. i might add that i went on a saturday and he was very busy in an otherwise dead parramatta. i was also surprised in the...
What are you charging for a suit? Are you opening a store, or is this more of a visit? If so, how will you handle subsequent fittings?
Harrolds had some Santoni's on sale when i was there a week or two ago. Oxford also have some rediculously good value shirts, if you fit them well. They have the cotton mills labelled, including thomas mason, acorn, monti and so on for between 100-120 AUD. Depending on where you're coming from, a favourable exchange rate makes these dirt cheap. http://m.gfg.theage.com.au/HomePage.aspx it is designed for mobiles, but has all the 'hat' winners, (local equivalent of...
Paul smith frames are made by oliver peoples, and all oliver peoples are made in japan. the acetate that is made in japan is vastly superior to that from italy, where luxotica make most frames for your typical designer labels. there are a few boutique manufacturers around who typically make high grade frames
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