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im hoping there is no extra finishing. it looks amazing as it you think i can get a couch upholstered in that?
i think im going to go with one of the basic sold stick ones from howard yount or kent wang
interesting. never heard of them. are they better priced there than the other stockists (american tailors/strickland/doublemonk)?
where did you get it from?
The consensus is that Chan is very good value for what they offer. If you have the time and can get a fitting or two, then its excellent value.No to the burberry suit. If Chan is beyond your means, then consider Lee Baron. Im not sure about E Italia but if they're well regarded on here and are within your budget, then give it a go. Be aware that most of the more affordable shops will offer you fabrics from other mills, 'italian wool' and so on and so forth. If you start...
note to self, if ordering luxire chinos, ask for no back pockets
if youre staying at the rialto then you should probably give vue de monde a try. you might need your concierge to help with getting a table though.
and of course, if you paid for an eye test (or the government paid for it on your behalf), the optometrist is obliged to provide the prescription to you. i think youre entitled to a bulk billed eye test every 12 months.even if you buy glasses from them, ask for it.
the last time i was in hong kong, i went over to shenzen. bought frames with prescription lenses for less than $40 a pair. thats probably a lot with my gweilo bargaining skills. they are branded frames, but equal to if not better than my real designer frames in quality.
the latter
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