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yes all fine. i replied to pepe to confirm it was ok
whats with all the half sizes for trees? size up or size down?
i think if you were as tall as the rest of us, it would have been fantastic
bexley site appears to be down, but yes. whats the estimated price after shipping?
got my invoice yesterday.
macaronitomato had a few posts about polish tailors i believe. and shoemakers. he has a blog in english and polish (im pretty sure polish) search his posts on here or google him for the blog.
good move. this was a deal breaker for me.
the currency thing is less relevant to your one off order, but for ongoing business, this can be important to avoid being burned by currency fluctuations.and 6 meters of cloth is a lot. probably 2kg + (4.5pounds for you)
why are you selling? how do they compare to what else you wear, sizing wise? yes, ive read all of the vass sizing threads.
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