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just to touch on this again. in the faqs on the acorn site, it says they "finish" the fabric as such to do all the pre shrinking. id give you the link but im too lazy. its in the faqs anyway.
i did some shirts via measurements
thanks, ive gone and read the old posts.any more insight into the construction of the suits? still full canvas, even if made in thailand?
is this the collaboration you were doing with p johnson? how does it vary from what they offer now?to be fair, the website isnt giving much away.
looks like i missed this. what exactly is the offering? is there a shopfront here in melbourne or something?
i wanted to buy one of those lobster or sardine can pins they had. i checked the prices from the source (in france) and they were more than at PJs. just saying...
I think the solid stick ones are ballpark $400 at full price. 30% is a great discountIn other news, double monk on smith st collingwood is having a polishing night tomorrow night as part of the "meet the maker" weekend. 8-9pm. walking around smith st after 9pm and you too could meet your maker details
connock and lockie had some pretty long delivery times last time i was there. and tailors are notorious for not meeting their deadlines. if you need it for a wedding, keep this in mind. theres been a few threads about off row, or value tailors in london. all of these guys have been mentioned and there are one or two more. its worth noting that ww chan and others tour london, and might be a good option for you. they usually travel with a decent range of fabrics including...
i dont see it on the HFW website either
im hoping there is no extra finishing. it looks amazing as it you think i can get a couch upholstered in that?
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