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Did I just see a SF member on Q&A?
it was to me
sorry I missed you there. I ordered a pair of mto rtw myself.I thought they were made by c&j to handgrade spec, but the inside size/model marking looks more EG.
boggi is cheaper in italy if youre there, but if theres a sale then there should be good deals in london. check out suit supply when youre there as its pretty good for well priced menswear.
not for a reasonable price. you can always take some abroad with you though.gordon yao does travel here and offers cmt, so you can get measured up and then send the fabric over. thats probably the most reasonably priced option
bespoke maybe, but the RTW is made in england, but not london
Someone remind me where this Ludlows place is again?
just to touch on this again. in the faqs on the acorn site, it says they "finish" the fabric as such to do all the pre shrinking. id give you the link but im too lazy. its in the faqs anyway.
i did some shirts via measurements
thanks, ive gone and read the old posts.any more insight into the construction of the suits? still full canvas, even if made in thailand?
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