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its against the forum rules to ask for extra to cover for paypal fees. build that into your price.
maybe i just need to break mine in then.and wtf, the pants are too long?
tough to say. i went with the hiro because it was wider than the olfe option that was in the MTO as well. I would say that it wasnt strictly the width that was the issue, just generally they are half a size too small. most of my other shoes are a 9, or a 9wide. I have a pair of carmina simpson in a 9.5 though, and theyre tight across the top.theres lots of discussion in the meermin thread about how the different lasts fit, or you can enquire to meermin directly.
I have a pair of the Meermin MTO group buy using the dark brown ilcea/lobb museum calf leather that i ordered a while ago but isnt a great fit for me. i know they did another run of these because they were so popular but word has it that ilcea has gone out of business and you cant source this leather anymore. 9uk on the hiro last. if this is your size and youre interested, hit me up and ill offer you a decent discount. they are unworn.
im keen on the green ones. glad to hear they fit a little wider
Yes I have rsvped.
Did I just see a SF member on Q&A?
it was to me
sorry I missed you there. I ordered a pair of mto rtw myself.I thought they were made by c&j to handgrade spec, but the inside size/model marking looks more EG.
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