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Brand new and unworn Meermin 9 uk Hiro last, dark brown museum calf. $0.99 starting bid http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Meermin-Dark-Brown-Museum-Calf-shoes-9-UK-Hiro-last-BNIB-/121445411195 Shipping is to Australia only, but if you're really keen, let me know and I'll give you a quote to international shipping to your location.
A heads up to everyone, I've listed a brand new pair of Meermin brown museum calf shoes on ebay, $0.99 starting bid. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Meermin-Dark-Brown-Museum-Calf-shoes-9-UK-Hiro-last-BNIB-/121445411195 I bought them as part of one of the first MTOs, but the size didn't work out. I've had them lying around ever since. Time to move them on to a more deserving home.
those same Australian/Italians that haven't been back for 40 years and still think nothing has changed.and because I cant be bothered quoting from later posts, Melbourne needs more check and gunclub, so by all means get that fabric made up.
yes, for a brand name fabric. Thomas mason is the cheapest.but they do CMT, so you can order fabric from acorn or elsewhere, and have them make it up for around 150usd base price, plus shipping and extras like mop buttons and whatnot.you would need to do a first order from their fabrics (min of 3), and then use cmt next time around
Here is a link with the details. http://acevent.ascotchang.com/20140711/index.htm
no one else commented on this? it actually looks decent. not sure if theyre MTM though. I think its just MTO with stock lasts.
I guess it is getting us in the door, but if theyre like me, they seldom pay full price and will wait for a sale.
is the button point really going to be that high?and are your legs really that crooked? I thought it was just me
word has it that he is doing a feature on Charles maimone in Melbourne as well.
GY does tours to Australia, inc Melbourne. I've been tempted to get some different pieces from huddersfield cloth sales, but I have about 10 different lengths of fabric that I don't forsee getting made up soon. im hoping to go to HKG to use peter lee again, or to Singapore for Iris.
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