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Here is a link with the details. http://acevent.ascotchang.com/20140711/index.htm
no one else commented on this? it actually looks decent. not sure if theyre MTM though. I think its just MTO with stock lasts.
I guess it is getting us in the door, but if theyre like me, they seldom pay full price and will wait for a sale.
is the button point really going to be that high?and are your legs really that crooked? I thought it was just me
word has it that he is doing a feature on Charles maimone in Melbourne as well.
GY does tours to Australia, inc Melbourne. I've been tempted to get some different pieces from huddersfield cloth sales, but I have about 10 different lengths of fabric that I don't forsee getting made up soon. im hoping to go to HKG to use peter lee again, or to Singapore for Iris.
just received my invite for the henry bucks store relaunch. which other style nerds are going?
did you decide on that last shape? I think that's the main issue with them. not sure if they can be coached into something a bit more modern
ha youre right. would make sense if I could remember what shoes I ordered
Apparently Double Monk here in Melbourne has another Edward Green trunk show this weekend. Did anyone order last time and have they been contacted that their shoes are ready?
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