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the sort answer is yes, they will make you a conservative suit. in fact, none of mine are fashion forward like they promote. it may have something to do with who you deal with, but Tom in Melbourne understood what I was looking for and has been able to deliver conservative cbd suits to my liking. if you know what you want and don't just walk in asking for a suit, you should be fine. Australia has a perception that a well fitting suit should "fit like a glove", where that...
Just had a call from them. They offered to remake it, or credit me with the amount for a jacket to my next order. I've opted for the latter. Obviously they've dealt with this well. They were very apologetic even though I don't think they knew about it before sending it out.
Ok, ive dropped them a note. Lets see how this goes. I will keep you updated.
I appreciate these responses, but what is a suitable request to remedy this?
I have a bit of a dilemma. Earlier this year I ordered a suit (my 3rd) from P Johnson on one of their trips to Brisbane. On delivery, I had a few issues with the fit so on their next visit I took it in and they agreed to make some alterations. I got it back a few weeks after that and was happy with the jacket fit, the pants less so but resigned to get them altered locally at my expense. No big problem but as of now, I'm yet to sort that out. I've worn it once or twice...
FYI - here's what I got back.For your information,currently pricing for a 2pcs suit is US$1,825 - US$2,016 and US$2,124 made from the JJ Minnis Fresco and Holland and Sherry Crispaire fabrics respectively.
I do. Where are you located?
Can people advise on their most recent pricing with Chan? 2 piece in Minnis Fresco? Otherwise anything else you've ordered
Word on the street has it that WW Chan is doing their first Australian tour next month. The bad news is that it is only Melb and Syd (and I now reside in Brisbane). Im not sure what the pricing is like these days, but highly recommended for any of you that haven't used them before.
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