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you read too many blogs, but incu do apc jeans. i think harrolds do lanvin. i think the chiodo store does common projects. youd probably want to visit cose plus and cose inpanema (or whatever the variation of the name is now) by the sounds of it.
its a shame that beggar man thiefs offering are a bit in the 'budget' end english shoe makers. while loake is not entirely out of place in HBs, those cheaper grensons are. hopefully this gives them the justification to stock a few more higher end makes/lines. the stores that are doing C&J at competitive prices arent specialty shoe stores, so i think there is a gap there.
http://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/fashion/article/bringing-some-beggar-man-bucks you heard it here first
can you comment on the sizing at all? would you describe them as narrow or wide? how do the sizes compare to some of the english shoe makers?
im pretty sure theyve reduced their seasonal casualwear in the past.
silly question but are there extras of the wombat tie?
http://www.theage.com.au/small-business/old-shops-demise-a-blow-to-citys-material-wellbeing-20120620-20ohf.html some of you in melbourne may know about this. its a bit intimidating to walk into and try browse around, but ive bought a fair bit of fabric in the past few months from here. for those that use asian (or other) tailors that do cmt, it might be worth your while to take a look. most fabric is $20/m.
the real question is why were they about to open a new store if they were in such financial trouble?
1. this is the second interview with patrick ive seen. i gather it doesnt take too much to get him talking (but probably a lot more to get him to stop).2. ven, i hear they make shirts with buttons now
i didnt rate 10 corso como or its outlet.i did rate the valextra outlet though
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