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Milan i'd be going to the valextra outlet store, gallo for some socks and knit ties and the aspesi and piombo shops are pretty cool. theres also an etro outlet store in the city if paisley is your thing. i didnt go to al bazaar but i might on another trip. walk the streets around brera for some cooler independent type shops. you can also day trip it up to lake como pretty easily. if you want to go see davinci's last supper, book now. (if its open at all). check out the...
so where is this place?
it got reported a few weeks ago. yes, emporium is the name of the space. i think uniqlo will be a flagship brand for the emporium though
uniqlo is going in the new building where the other half of myer was (between lonsdale and little bourke)
in the costco model, i presume they are all massive sizes
ive tried some on but never bought one. they look to be decent value if the fit works for you. if youre ever near a suit supply store, its worth taking a look. they do lots of contemporary stuff at reasonable prices.
i dont venture that far out too often, but the rest is pretty accurate. in fact, the glasses and anchovies in a tin a little too accurate. who's stalking who
pic of the wife? i might be happier to show her around
shanghai street dumplings just down from +39 does some great xiao long bao.grossi cellar bar is my go to for a decent cheap eat. dont go to pellegrinis
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