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so where is this place?
it got reported a few weeks ago. yes, emporium is the name of the space. i think uniqlo will be a flagship brand for the emporium though
uniqlo is going in the new building where the other half of myer was (between lonsdale and little bourke)
in the costco model, i presume they are all massive sizes
ive tried some on but never bought one. they look to be decent value if the fit works for you. if youre ever near a suit supply store, its worth taking a look. they do lots of contemporary stuff at reasonable prices.
i dont venture that far out too often, but the rest is pretty accurate. in fact, the glasses and anchovies in a tin a little too accurate. who's stalking who
pic of the wife? i might be happier to show her around
shanghai street dumplings just down from +39 does some great xiao long bao.grossi cellar bar is my go to for a decent cheap eat. dont go to pellegrinis
these would look great with thishttp://www.profilesinhistory.com/press-releases/worlds-most-important-willy-wonka-collection-up-for-auction
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