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ok, is there a specific thread regarding this uniqlo proxy service that you can direct me to
maybe. just picked up my first p johnson today so need to show it off. i can also show you internerds my uniqlo linen jacket if youre keen
what is super future?
i have a uniqlo linen jacket. id say a small is 36-38 and a med is 38-40
Homer Simpson?
you read too many blogs, but incu do apc jeans. i think harrolds do lanvin. i think the chiodo store does common projects. youd probably want to visit cose plus and cose inpanema (or whatever the variation of the name is now) by the sounds of it.
its a shame that beggar man thiefs offering are a bit in the 'budget' end english shoe makers. while loake is not entirely out of place in HBs, those cheaper grensons are. hopefully this gives them the justification to stock a few more higher end makes/lines. the stores that are doing C&J at competitive prices arent specialty shoe stores, so i think there is a gap there.
http://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/fashion/article/bringing-some-beggar-man-bucks you heard it here first
can you comment on the sizing at all? would you describe them as narrow or wide? how do the sizes compare to some of the english shoe makers?
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