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not the westin for melbourne. its at the marriot across from the telstra building according to the link.
I understand your point, but during sales they get a diverse crowd so its a fairly safe time to visit if you feel intimidated. EGs are being phased out as they've handed over the shoe operations to beggar man thief. not sure what theyve stocked in syd in the passed, but if they have EGs left over and theres a sale in syd, i suspect they would be $800 as well
any details for them in melbourne?edit: found it here http://www.ascotchang.com/tailor-made-shirt/NewsContent/247i might pop in
no one has mentioned the henry bucks sale. ill give the SF approved summary. the edward greens they had at the last sale for 1k are now down to 800. not bad value as they are still common sizes and fairly safe designs. interestingly, most of them are F widths, where the EG default is E. good buying on HBs behalf but wont help those of you who like to try and then buy online. there are some boglioli jackets on sale for 400. they have been in previous sales but not this...
you cant ask for a paypal surcharge. factor it into your price
i think como is closer to an hour rather than 40 minutes, but its top of the list. check your train and ferry times online so you can plan it properly and not get stuck. otherwise, go to gallo for socks and knit ties. theres a valextra outlet in the city as well as an etro one. the cracco peck deli is pretty cool.
yer, i worked for an IB doing IT and it was suit and tie Mon-Fri. You could work in software sales. That would probably put you in a suit and tie everyday. It would also make you a whore though.
youre probably thinking too much about it if youre torn between spring and autumn.
youre not allowed to ask for paypal gift or additional fees. factor it into your price
im interested. where are they big? chest? waist? length?
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