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i bought some todds off yoox a while ago 120 gbp.
theres someone in the b&s forum that sells laces fairly cheaply
whats the shoulder measurement on these? i presume theyll all made to the same measurements?
its more about stylistic choice, but its a pretty heavily padded shoulder you have there. get him to check the back balance as the vents are flaring a bit in your photo
dont know about the isaia shirts, but the shoes are competitvely priced. i bought c&j handgrades on sale for 400 dollars. i think full price is 600 for bench grade and 700 for handgrade.if youre going to spend isaia money on shirts, you might be inclined to consider your mtm shirt options.
not sure how many of you have seen this, or if that is you with the beard.
i just saw luc longley at american tailors. at 7ft i imagine he doesnt buy off the rack too often
you can only ship 2kg as a standard parcel thru royal mail.when i lived there, i used to ship a lot of stuff around the world. there are a lot of courier agents like this in the up moneysupermarket courier and you should find some good discussion on which provider is currently the best offering
sigh, you cant ask for a paypal surcharge. all fees must be factored into your price
why not use herringbone MTM then? theyre under $200 i thought
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