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cargos and jeans to your fittings?
can you tell what the defect is on them?
Henry Bucks or American Tailors
theres been talk about this shop for a while. apparently stocking lobb as well. not sure smith st is the right place for it, but im sure ill go past at some point
there was a thread on here a while ago about some guys wife recycling old mens clothes into clothes for their young daughter. it was really good stuff. it was probably 2+ years ago though
Boglioli make the jackets/suiting for Etro. If youre in Milan, you should check out the Etro outlet store. You can buy the fabric by the metre.
i like the womens ones better. brighter colours and they have the penny strap rather than the laces.
you cant ask for extra for paypal fees. if you need to factor it in, then your price is $307 and not $295.
you cant ask + fees. list one price and thats all. if you need to factor your fees in to that, so be it.
the luxire shirts are superior to my jantzen shirts. jantzen does have a big range of fabric though, so hopefully luxire add to theirs. nicer buttons, nicer finishing and better attention to detail than jantzen.
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