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In some shameless self promotion, I've listed a Napoli Su Misura jacket on ebay (and on B&S here). Currently going for 99 cents. http://www.styleforum.net/t/514052/napoli-su-misura-sports-coat-40r-nsm This could be your chance to join the big time
I've just listed my Napoli Su Misura jacket up on ebay with a 99 cent no reserve. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121839296585 In accordance with StyleForum rules, I will sell on here for $750 USD with $30 shipping worldwide. If youre in Australia, contact me for reduced shipping. I've had the jacket for a while but have only worn it twice as the fit never really worked out for me. I never got to do the final fitting so it was finished and sent to me after one fitting. It...
if you get enough of a dialogue with suit shop, they might let you order from Brisbane when p Johnson does a visit, which is around every 8-12 weeks.
source your dainite sole abroad and then give it to your cobbler.I believe ppl on styleforum (but not in AU) have done this before
I like some of the trainers but at $400ish, theyre priced a bit higher than I was expecting. im not sure ive paid that much for a non-dress shoe.
I think tusting is the nicest of those and not so obvious. SAB will have a hefty premium.Ive done a bunch of posts of stuff you may be interested in, so take a look at some of my old posts.and I second the ginger pig, for the sausage rolls
probably not to southbankmaybe the city, or the valley as was previously suggested
suggestions for where? I am based at newstead these days but would consider the trip into the city
I saw your instagram post.half canvassed at that price?and do you know what mill the fabric was from?
bullshit. this is the tie. maybe its time for a new run of these
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