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that's a big difference in length!
thanks for the info. I was interested in the sports trainer so it should be fine.as far as the matching belts go, how do you size for the waist? or do you just send out a size 40 and let everyone cut down to size?
can anyone compare the epaulet sneaker sizing to camper shoes? most of my casual shoes are camper, so im confident on that sizing otherwise I am a 9uk wide in most dress shoes (like C&J), if anyone can weigh in on that,
In some shameless self promotion, I've listed a Napoli Su Misura jacket on ebay (and on B&S here). Currently going for 99 cents. http://www.styleforum.net/t/514052/napoli-su-misura-sports-coat-40r-nsm This could be your chance to join the big time
I've just listed my Napoli Su Misura jacket up on ebay with a 99 cent no reserve. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121839296585 In accordance with StyleForum rules, I will sell on here for $750 USD with $30 shipping worldwide. If youre in Australia, contact me for reduced shipping. I've had the jacket for a while but have only worn it twice as the fit never really worked out for me. I never got to do the final fitting so it was finished and sent to me after one fitting. It...
if you get enough of a dialogue with suit shop, they might let you order from Brisbane when p Johnson does a visit, which is around every 8-12 weeks.
source your dainite sole abroad and then give it to your cobbler.I believe ppl on styleforum (but not in AU) have done this before
I like some of the trainers but at $400ish, theyre priced a bit higher than I was expecting. im not sure ive paid that much for a non-dress shoe.
I think tusting is the nicest of those and not so obvious. SAB will have a hefty premium.Ive done a bunch of posts of stuff you may be interested in, so take a look at some of my old posts.and I second the ginger pig, for the sausage rolls
probably not to southbankmaybe the city, or the valley as was previously suggested
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