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I think tusting is the nicest of those and not so obvious. SAB will have a hefty premium.Ive done a bunch of posts of stuff you may be interested in, so take a look at some of my old posts.and I second the ginger pig, for the sausage rolls
probably not to southbankmaybe the city, or the valley as was previously suggested
suggestions for where? I am based at newstead these days but would consider the trip into the city
I saw your instagram post.half canvassed at that price?and do you know what mill the fabric was from?
bullshit. this is the tie. maybe its time for a new run of these
what is the sizing like? can you equate what you bought to your regular jacket size?I always regret not getting a cucinelli clone that suit supply were doing a few years ago. this might be the next best thing.
Chan moved over to the island now, so the crossover doesn't really make sense anymore. The concept behind it was that customers could get fitted by chan without having to go to Kowloon.That and the armoury have enough collaborations going on with internationals that they don't really need the local connection anymore.with that said, chan will make whatever you want so theres no reason to think you couldn't get the same style suit made up. chan came to Australia for the...
I just saw that the herringbone discount code works on the c&j shoes as well. not a bad deal.
the sort answer is yes, they will make you a conservative suit. in fact, none of mine are fashion forward like they promote. it may have something to do with who you deal with, but Tom in Melbourne understood what I was looking for and has been able to deliver conservative cbd suits to my liking. if you know what you want and don't just walk in asking for a suit, you should be fine. Australia has a perception that a well fitting suit should "fit like a glove", where that...
Just had a call from them. They offered to remake it, or credit me with the amount for a jacket to my next order. I've opted for the latter. Obviously they've dealt with this well. They were very apologetic even though I don't think they knew about it before sending it out.
New Posts  All Forums: