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Mellow -- were you able to check it out today? Heard there wasn't much.
Last price drops.
Another round of price drops.
Another drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by e0d9n0b5 Yeah, the only education I have is high school(so far.) I don't think they would be too eager to hire me haha Would never have guessed you were that young based on the brands you wear, but then again, I figure a lot of the people on SF/Sufu are youngsters, i.e. 18-21. What's the 2010 version of Z. Cavaricci?
Price drops on shirts. PM me if interested!
Quote: Originally Posted by avery who's the guy in the photo? Bret Easton Ellis. sq4you -- what'd you think of the book? Rolled my eyes at the opening sentence, but ended up breezing through it in a day.
For sale are three shirts that have been worn only 2 or 3 times, and zero times in the last few months. I generally wear Small, but I'm a Medium in BoO, Small in APC, XS in J. Crew, XS in Uniqlo, Small in Wings and Horns, and Small in this season's NdG. Paypal only please. Wings and Horns grey s/s pinpoint shirt (medium) Pit-to-pit: 20" Shoulders: 16.75" Length (front): 25.5" $100 > $95 > $90 > $85 > $80 shipped APC white s/s shirt (small) Pit-to-Pit:...
Picked this up today. Apparently I'm an XS in J. Crew. Always thought I was S and hated how their shirts fit on me.
bought a pair of Wings and Horns chinos from Dave FTW. very happy with the purchase. prompt responses and shipping. great seller.
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